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Hello Wednesday!!!!
Lookin' good, pretty decent so far - not as wet or cold as Sunday, but brighter than most of Tuesday ... speaking of which, we had a wonderful time celebrating M&M's Egairram (ee-ga-ram) last night, topped with an ode from Shirle to the tune of how do fools fall in love (fools - april fools - get it???)

Tasty vegan cupcakes mixed with good friends hanging out - you'll have to wait for the personal ads to be set up over at the Indy ... just glad I got my lookout and she got her goofball!

still no pics up from the events of late - working on it.

the big question last night, and the one that I really want to figure out the answer to, was "what have you been up to?" - wow. Good question. 6 months ago things were rocking pretty fantastic ... headlong into Troika, kicking it with Trosa/Nerd Fury, and then - to be dramatic - things tilted a bit too far and I may have slid off ... but not really. I've been here - right here - for a while. but just stopped. Not good, true - but truth be told, here I've been. Not wasting EVERY minute, for I've visited and comforted my fair share of life's combatants. But seriously, the only things I could mention last night were travel to help with Boo's pop, my mom, the holidays (3 months past, dude!) ... but there I was, awake and 'performing' at a gathering, and the best I could do was say 'not much, you know...'

I guess I'll be pondering that ...


dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"