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Off of ten ten road, onto
kildaire farm road. You'll come upon Cotswold, a lovely enclave of happy people.
There, if you are lucky, perhaps, just maybe, you'll be rewarded with a viewing of ...

Nutmeg - the golden princess!
the Golden one!

Much joy and happiness in the triangle, for more of our friends are here! Yay! They even live near a Whole Foods!!!

Good visit with them last night - dinner in D'town, then a run over to their place in South Cary - yay! They've got an amazing space to decompress in, and with a little leg work, Carrie was able to exclaim "There's a Whole Foods right there!!!" - she seems pleased. I'm glad they had a good trip cross country, and I'm sure Boo's excited too!



dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"