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Happy May Day!!!
I'm thinking of having an old fashioned Soviet parade!

Getting better - was sick. Being sick sucks...
Work's going along - I'm only getting better... hope to keep people happy with my performance, and frankly they're a bunch of great characters anyways, so my work's pretty easy in that department.
Boo's better, in not illin'. We've got to figure out the sleep thing, though, cause wow - sleep's important!
The kids (Carrie & Nate) are doing good - think they like their move cross country - it's a bit of a culture shock, frankly, but we will do our best to help them acclimate. That, and delicious food that will console any of their displacement-angst!
Put on a pair of glasses for the first time in ... counts on both hands ... um... years. 94? ugh... first off - wow, sharp is good. Reading street signs at night before I am at them - really reduces the "is THIS the street I need?" excitement. Ordered them online, so honestly, they leave a bit to be desired. I suspect a visit to the ophthalmologist soon (I did go about a year ago) and then perhaps a decent pair of 'expensive' glasses, and then less expensive sunglasses, and 'event' glasses ... ugh. "They make you look smart" was a very surprising comment from the rouge's gallery. So, what you're saying is recently (the last 10+ years) I've been looking a bit like a dumb ass? Hmmmm....
So, cold meds rock when they work. Otherwise they make a work-a-day stint in the office fairly surreal (words oozing across a page as you try to read them). Truly odd, though, is last night's dream in which Scott talks about his Air Force career. Holy Shit!!! Though in the dream state I was chatting with a fellow military person, sentences I've naught thought of uttering were said clearly. Huh - did I finally get to the dark recesses of my brainpan while enjoying the therapeutic forces of a Nyquil/thera-flu double feature? Do I need to report myself to someone? Does anyone really care?
May. Holy shit. Ok. Gots to get productive. But first, I rest.


dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"

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