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oh, the hits keep on coming...

haven't felt great these past few days - bit o' the migraine, perhaps. never fun.

so, when I finally awake, and it's too late in the day, I scan photos.

Perhaps I should think before I scan,eh??


dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"

scott on skyline drive circa 1991
During our first war in Iraq, I was hangin' in the Bay area. This is up on skyline drive, prob 1991.

fun hair scotty
I honestly don't know - I'm gonna go with Spring 1990 - out of the Air Force, no shaving for this bum, and hangin' at 1 Trinity. Could be wrong, though.

scott and carol 1976 moseley street
1976, presumably before Blood and I went out to a Barabazon shoot ... oh- hey - Moseley street yellow!

wallace kids ruby tuesdays nov 1991 sangertown
How about 1991 for the Turkey Holiday? Ruby Tuesday's at Sangertown, anyone? Shari and Blood and Dad!

wallace kids 1968
Nice - 'In the beginning, there were my two big sisters and my twin sister ....' think Ma still has that couch, not sure if Wendy or Shari still have those glasses!! Such humble beginnings...

blood circa 1992
Blood in 1992 Seattle. I think she thinks I'm number 1!!!!!

scott circa 1993 tennessee
We'll go with 1993 and Tennessee ... could be wrong, but think this is when matty rolled me over to the foothills parkway at the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Dig the jacket - cost me 1500 something in Luxembourg one weekend...

scott circa 1987 goodbuddy texas
Goodfellow Air Force Base, Spring 1987. Cool shirt from Unique clothing in The City - tie died med scrubs...

scott id photo circa 1986
This is what I looked like at the end of my visit to San Antonio, TX, circa September 1986... long time ago.

6911 ess patch subdued
Always have like this patch ... the colors work for me.

iacovino beatle convertible circa 1993
Circa 1993, the Iacovino Beetle rolls East towards ... Raleigh-Durham, NC! Who would have guessed 15 years later? Huh ... bring back any memories, matt?

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