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Friday night lites!

How's everyone doing tonight? Good? Great!!!
So, what other fond memories do I have in the box? Let's see ...

How about cake?
Really, we should all enjoy our cake ... it's yummy! That's me at 5!

I've always been told that I'm outstanding in my field...
and here's the proof - standing since 1972!

Then again, I'm not against some uplifting music...
Stunning, frankly. Just stunning...

A year later, 1973 - still standing!
Different hair cut, I think...

I've noticed that a lot of my historic pics are based around the holidays and birthdays.
Rollin in from Monterey for the holidays in Upstate ... Matt off to the left of mom.

More below the cut ... here!

So, in 1990, I was paroled from the Air Force, rode my motorcycle across the country to the Bay area. I think I didn't make it up to Blood's in Seattle until the next year, so I'll call this Spring 1991 ...
visiting-museum-with-blood-and-bob-circa 1991
Of course, wait - Blood, were you hanging with Bob in '91? Oh the confused mind of a not-20-year-old!

Well, we went to the museum. There were dinos...
and cool glasses!

See? Even Walt believes in the power of cake!
Yay ... cake!

Small fact - scott digs those irish blokes...
have since back in the day!

I support gun control ...
where you hit your target. Here's Dave and I up in Marcy, hell, 1990 maybe.

So, we'll finish with a flurish -
Pips, myself and Matt - July 14th, 1986. We've all gone so far from Trinity ave's couch, haven't we?


dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"

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