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Hangin' in Upstate ...

oh yeah!
Got in too late thursday night - chilled at Dulles (IAD) for an hour, then chilled on the Dulles tarmac for an hour, then took a 45 minute hop to Syracuse (SYR) - woot!!!

Since that inauspicious start, things have been great. Mom's doing good, distracted nicely by the shininess of new computer hardware. Shari & Dave had a good weekend, with a trip up to the Woodsmen’s Field Days in Boonville. Justin and I have had deep, heartfelt talks about ... life, the universe and everything. Even poked my nose in on dear old dad last night (after visiting the herd of chihuahuas ... oh they're awfully cute)

So we head out to Albany this afternoon, with hopefully better intel to share amongst the familial troops - big questions are the 'numbers' ... the grade/severity. Perhaps we'll find out, but I honestly don't understand the significance for us, the change in action/attitude that it may engender. We'll see.

so, take a gander, have a smile, I'll try to share more soon. (for a bigger image, click thru. If there's an issue, you need to get yourself a FREE flickr account, then tell me so you're a 'friend' or 'family'!!!) ...

Here's mom, as we fail to get gluten-free pizza at NYPD pizza ...
Ma at NYPD pizza...

I was able to enjoy some Voss'
Just some nibblies...

It's been wonderful to enjoy the weather here in upstate...
beautiful weather in Upstate

Shari was soooooo happy after her day at the spa...
Shari and Mom

Dad and his wife Carol were in good cheer too!
Dad and Carol...

Mom's happy with her new Dell ...
New Vostro
she had a crush on the dell dude...

Even got to see Ma Humphreys for a bit yesterday morning with mom. very nice...


dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"
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