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ah, sunshine on a sunny day ...

or is that sunday?

Tom and Linda seem to be having a fine time - we Nosh'd them for a lunch, then took them to the Museum of Life and Science where they saw butterflys, and the we Elmo'd them for dinner, and have been enjoying their company along the way.


Oh, and they hung with MnMnZ while chilling and talking and petting dog at the corner of Elgin and Lavender - after seeing the fabulous yard art up the way on Elgin (Rob might be his name - not sure... his palm tree didn't do so well in the winds...)

Oh - and I shared TED with them and they seemed impressed!

So, we start the morning with onions and oats, while I update life and learn to relax and give in...


~ S ~

||| dona nobis pacem||| "Keep Calm and Carry On" or
"Keep Calm ..."

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