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Trash day
What an inglorious thing to do right out of bed... guess that's why most do it the night before; sadly we have people who are more than willing to redistribute our trash along the front of the house so I do it in the morning. Ugh.

Rain. I don't hate rain, but boy does it change the way you look at even the easiest of tasks. like trash haulin. or helping a friend move. I've forgotten how it impacts day to day living... thank goodness we have to suffer only a few weeks of this! ;-)

um... there ya go. Oh, the kitchen pics are here

was searching Yahoo Groups for any set up for Griffis Air Force Base peeps - stumbled across this:
hello my name is rebecca I live in rome new york and I am a christian seeking to fellowship with other christians in my area. are there any christians out there in rome new york? I would like to fellowship with you and grow closer to God through the enabling of the Holy Spirit. God bless you all in Christ Jesus. rebecca

Am I the only one who saw that as 'christian sin'?

Rain.... rain... rain....
48 degrees...

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Look at your organized kitchen! Why, I'm rather envious, I am.

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