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"I just ..."

yeh, sis - I hear you.
"I don't crash into things because I can't see in front of my face" - not yet, not yet...

Wendy poses the 'how will I feel when I get back there" to Shari. Shari's not left. She gets to drive the roads and see the set where things happened. And not crash ...

I love the music of John Darnelle. The words, the melodies, the heart.
But for the love of me I know like 3 titles. Fuck ...

Inspiration. Aspiration. Despiration, eh?
What inspires you?
Me - the writings of Egan and Ienatch, the hope that Obama proposes ... the wonderousness of Boo.
where do you aspire to be?

Hey - here's a distraction - some Mountain Goats song titles and lyrics I'll be able to associate with said titles ...

Jenny - "900 cubic centimeters of raw whining power - and no outstanding warrents for my arrest"
Source Decay - "drive through Austin ... read postcards you still send" remember the train heading south out of bangkok
There will be no divorce - "at 5 am ... I turn the radio on ... "
Have to explode - "name one thing about us to anyone ..." "5 4 3 2 1 watch for the flash"
San Bernadino - haunting intro
Your or your memory - checked into a bargain room on the corner of la cienaga
Broom People - "friends who don't have a clue ... well meaning teachers ... in your arms, I'm a wild creature.."
This Year - like I need to explain
Dilaudid - "if we get our full 3 score and ten we won't pass this way again.."
Dance Music - "this is what the volume knob is for... I listen to ... dance music ..."
Dinu Lipatti's Bones - "we scaled the hidden hills beneath the surface..."
Up the Wolves - "our mother has been absent ever since we founded rome.."
Lion's Teeth - "we hold for dear life..."
Hast thou considered the Tetrapod - "if I wake you up - there will be hell to pay..."
Magpie - "when the cherry's white with blossom be ready and be brave ... "
Song for Dennis Brown - "on the day my lung collapses ... it won't be much different"
Love Love Love - "some things you do for money and some you do for love love love.."
Pale Green Things - "my sister called at 3am just last december..."
cold milk bottle - "despite your best efforts I feel alright"

just noticed that The Sunset Tree is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Tallahassee - "plums on the tree - heavy with nectar"
First Few Desperate Hours - "bad luck comes in from tampa .. on the back of a truck"
Southwood Plantation Road - "our conversations are like minefields. no one's found a safe way through..."
Game Shows Touch Our Lives - "people say friends don't destroy one another ... what do they know about friends?"
The House That Dripped Blood - "grab your hat get your coat ... the cellar door is an open throat..."
Idylls of the King - "all of them all of them all of them lined up"
No Children - " I hope you die ... I hope we both die"
See America Right - "you love is like a cyclone in a swamp ... and the weather's getting warmer"
Peacocks - "grab hold of the morning ... head out to the porch .. feel the wind stopping, feel the sun scorch..."
International Small Arms Traffic Blues - "trucks loaded down with weapons crossing over every night ... moon yellow and bright"
Have to Explode - "checker board white and blue ... towels from the Ritz Carlton hotel .."
Old College Try - "our love has never had a leg to stand on... I will walk ... down to the end with you"
Oceanographer's Choice - "guy in a skeleton costume ... comes up to the guy in the superman suit ... runs through him with a broadsword..."
Alpha Rat's Nest - "we do the best vampire routines ... as we suck the hours dry"

Slow West Vultures - "slowly circling the drain ... ready for the future"
Palmcorder Yajna - "hooked up with some friends at the travelodge - set ourselves up for the night"
Linda Blair was born Innocent - "here we come, scrubbed and showered ... patches on our jeans ... hungry for love, ready to drown"

"hungry for love" - so perfect, as I share my spite, my pettyness - go Flickr!!!

Letter from Belgium - "we could always use more electrical equipment"
The Young Thousands -
Your Belgian Things - "the men were here to get your belgian things ... and I was the only one here to see it"
Mole - "I am a mole ... sticking his head above the surface of the earth"
Home Again Garden Grove "let's go where the jackels are breeding ... wrap this bandana around your head don't let anyone see you're bleeding"
All up the seething coast - "show up for dinner ... heap the sugar high and wide on everything I eat"
Quito - "When I recieve the blessing I have coming ... I"m going to raise and ice cold glass of water"
Cotton - "this song is for the people who tell their family that they are sorry ... for things they can't or wont feel sorry for"
Against Pollution - "we shall see visions more vivid than sunsets ... we will recognize each other for the first time ... and see ourselves for the first time ... the way we really are"
the triumph of Pigs that ran straightaway into the water - "you're going to do what you want to do no matter what I ask of you .. I come from chino where the asphalt sprouts"

wow - so many songs ... so many good songs. wow.

~ S ~

||| dona nobis pacem||| "Keep Calm and Carry On" or
"Keep Calm ..."

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