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it's a bit late, I'm feeling a little amped up...

and finally - finally - the ps3 rolls the upconverted dvd picture happiness, but first -
"when people who used to wrap tin foil around bunny rabbit antennas get a ps3..."

See, I hooked up things last night and was so happy with the visuals from music, and then I tried to play a movie.

Huh. Why am I watching static blink on my tv? It's very sharp static - like digital static - cool...
but it's not The Fast The Furious - All New Tricked Out Edition!! - What's going on???

ugh.... ok, google - hit me - what cha got??
"HDMI cable - bought a new one, stopped the flicker"
"HDMI cables are fickle ..."
"is it flickering with a red screen?"
"the red light of doom"
"I"m on CNET to show you the ps3 blinking problem - game goes in, and it blinks. It's the HDCP copy protection handshake between the game system and the tv set - the tv thinks everything is fine, and the PS3 thinks everything is fine. To fix it, if you're comfortable with a slightly technical fix - unplug the HDMI cable and wait three or five seconds. Plug it back in and voila - we've got sound. it's fixed..."

er, ok. tonight I'm gonna ... turn off the tv. turn it back on - aha!!!! Kung Fu - yay!!!

it's an interesting twist to the 'hold on, just a little bit more -cool - I can see the game - don't move at all, or we'll loose the station" ...

hope everyone is having a fine time ... and a great weekend ...


~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

"Keep Calm and Carry On" or "Keep Calm ... and Cupcakes!"

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