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ponder the tunes that vibrate through your life...

I sat, snuggled up to Blue, her under my left arm, a blanket across my legs. She kept distracting me by being so damn cute. She was nappin under my wing, and she just seemed happy, at peace, loved.
blue in blankets

I am filled with a lush sense of goodness - not even happiness, just goodnes, right-ness of the universe, when blue is all content. Don't know why.

On the game system front - the whole 'use the ps3 as a media center' shit works. Wow. so, if I can only get somewhate organized, I might be able to enjoy trippy visuals to ALL my mp3s!!! weeee...

I'm diggin spring here - it's coolish here, the windows open allowing freshness to breath into our home.

I was watching 'The Savages' with Blue - perhaps that why she was napping. Damn I was impressed with the movie - I'm sure it's the material, but I really dug Hoffman & Laura Linney's acting - they hit it off well on screen.

'we are lucky' ... I am very lucky.

Blue's an awesome pup - so very cute, so very loving. So very stinky!
She's a great companion for Boo and I, on our little journey of life. Yay Blue!

April is with us, I got permenented on Monday - I'm a working stiff now! weeeee ....
wow - totally spinning a bit out of control - pulling down some tunage, typing up a post, working some web edits on three sites, while pushing some web addys over to someone else... wow - too much too too too much.

not the best post, but something...

~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

"Keep Calm and Carry On" or "Keep Calm ... and Cupcakes!"

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