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"My My My it's a beautiful world ..."
"I like traveling in my car / I travel quite far / I travel to the ocean and stare up at the stars ...
this is as good as it gets... "

Oh how it is. How it's gonna be, eh? Spring has sprung, the darkness of the winter definitely behind us, and lo and behold - something to trip over.
That's what you get for looking up at the clouds, I guess.

6 months on, and it still sucks. 6 months - fuck, is this a hallmark moment? No - an opportunity to think of everyone who's been so helpful, so loving to me. That lifts my heart a bit. Then I think of my sisters, and my heart sinks. Damn.

Like it was last night. Like it was a million years ago - who says human's aren't magical beings?

Love ya ma.