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Our friend alex died this morning ...
Here's where I put something like "fuck", or maybe "this really sucks".

Then I go with "it's crappy, but he's not in pain anymore, and that's a good thing"

I will say he has some of the greatest family and friends I've ever seen someone have, and for that I'm thankful to have been pulled into his orbit.

It was a tough weekend, folks. really just tough.

our friend alex ...

alex_and_will hope Alex & Mel Boo looks at the skins...

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I want to get a "Hope" tattoo just like that to remember him by...

I'm so sad.

I'm so sorry, Scott. I hope you both and everyone else down there are doing as okay as you can. It isn't easy, doesn't get easier, and god... would you even want it be easy? If any of you guys (immediate or extended) need anything just let us know. In the meantime you're all in our thoughts.

Sorry to hear that, man. It's been a tough year for you on this front, I know. Hugs to you and A.

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