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::quarterTurn:: 1983

June 1983. Let's see what I can remember...
Summer time from 1 Trinity Ave ... bicycling, I suspect, since I was all of 15 (turning 15 at that!) ... was this the summer of bike rides to Fox road, and then to Rome?? Was this the summer of 'just one hill' shortcuts with Matt off to Delta? Yesh, I do believe it was.

According to the all powerful Wikipedia, Apple released the Apple Lisa in Jan or 1983, and I do recall riding my bike into Rome, and seeing a Lisa on display at a computer store.

Flashdance and Return of the Jedi are hits at theaters ... probably over mem day into june, maybe??

and apparently we all enjoyed the introduction of the McNugget at McDonalds...

I'm willing to share this pic...
Me, Matt & Chris - 1983

1983 ... so long ago, eh?


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