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wowsers ... what a morning...

so, we survived our opening night of TROIKA 2009!!and in fantastic fashion, if I may say. Boo's barely able to read her email, but she is. Blue is WOLFING down a couple of cups of kibble. I'm rocking the old man in the morning look - robe AND slippers. If it wasn't in the freezing zone overnight, it was damn close. The Yankees are winners (sorry ma), lots of people went out last night - a beautiful night (if a bit chilly), we (I in particular) made it into the DPAC, where they had the bands up on the side of the main stage - in the wings, as the theatre people would say - so the audience hung out ON STAGE watching awesome music. Like this snippet of 12 Simple Murders, from Shayne and company in The Future Kings of Nowhere:

Shayne & co. Lovely night at DPAC arty light at DPAC

If you were outside the theater, you could hear the love and music wafting across the parking lot from the Pinhook. Bunches headed out to get to the Duke Coffeehouse show. Apparently the Central Park show (with megafaun) packed them in. Only Burger was out making people happy. A cop even pulled over a speeder as I was heading home (a tad earlier than everyone else). Made it to the second class of my Fine Art Photography class (stop snickering annie!)

Now all I need to do is dig up pics and videos from last May'sh, and a January a few years back.

Not too shabby for a thursday, eh?
It just sucks that the universe demands balance. thru this year too, we shall survive.


~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

"Keep Calm and Carry On" or "Keep Calm ... and Cupcakes!"

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