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Some neat things...
Oh yeah - it's TEDtalk time - this one

is about using a tool from Microsoft (of all people) to sift and view large amounts of data - incorporates a tool called Seadragon too!

another neat thing - just last week, when I rearranged the living room (yet again) I was trying to keep the wires for my desk area neat and clean. On my little docking station for my laptop was a power button - odd I thought. So when I hooked up the lappytop to the dock, and pressed the power buttion - viola! - up comes my computer on the screen, without having to open/touch the laptop! too cool. Then, when I do open the lid to the laptop the dock is smart enough to hand off the video/audio back to the laptop - I unplug from the dock and grab it and go - so very neat!!

I might need to get outside more...