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No - really. She said that...

"I'm not sure - are magazines even made out of trees?" - bestbuy sales clerk at check out
"um, yeah - shiny trees..." - scott, not wanting to say 'what the fuck - how stupid are you?'

And so goes American consumer based education. I pick up 'all the president's men' and a new head-sety for the girl, I'm offered 18,456,908 issues of magazines, and I say 'uh - no thank you' and she goes 'what - don't you like magazines?' {alicia will understand just how far off the mark the girl was on that one!} and I go 'um, no - I can't get to all the ones I already get, so no - we'll just save the trees'

and she says 'are they even made from trees?' - wow....



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