TTocs (ttocsland) wrote,

20 years later... did I ever say "thanks" Matt?

give or take a day or 7. Scott Wallace vs. USAF - 3 years, 9 months. 1 Letter of Being Bad. 1 Honorable Discharge. At lest 1 Unit award for being good. 1 unbelievable IG visit that took months to retool our paperwork for, after which I visited Ann in London, missed my flight back to Germany, caused un-told pain for Pam, Jerry, and an unpaid debt to Tom for the taxi cab ride back to Hahn/MT ... after which I got a nasty letter from up high, and some decent advice from Jane Smith (wife of Jeff Smith, I do recall) - "you've got friends".

Ah to be young, in charge of a significantly expensive data processing center, and filled with wanderlust. Ether Bunny drinks at Hard Rock London - I do recall, and would say it was worth the turmoil.

Months later I'd make it to Jersey and then by (bus? plane? train?? I do not recall) I ambled to Albany, I suspect, where I had mi amigo MickeyMatt pick my ass up. Or at least that's what I recall ... there was also some sort of planning to have him pick me up at McGuire Air Force Base in Trenton, road trip somewhere with all sorts of hope ...

I guess I'm allowed the 'what if?' bug with this post ... what if I choose to go to adirondack comm college outside of Albany? what if I had taken the Austin pill, headed back to where ranch houses were cheap, Travis Lake had awesome sunsets, and my Ninja 750R would feel at home? What if I had just taken a random exit somewhere along the road and tried my hand at life??

Ah, the past. I am quite fond of it. Instead, a month or two in Upstate, then moto'd to Walnut Creek to find Pam, then to San Jose and imposing on Elvis and ??? - two very nice guys who deserved a better housemate. All the hopes and dreams of a DOD Contractor job - dashed. Left to fumble about and fake it ... for too many years.

Still standing I guess, but it was in the spring 20 years ago that more of my book of life was left unwrit than now. Not complaining, just thinking.

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