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Ha Ha ha.....
...but not really that funny. Especially combined with my last post, eh?

BestBuy - We have issues...


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That many $2 bills in sequential order is suspicious as hell and would get the cops called in *any* case.

Now, the cashier saying she doesn't have to accept them is bullshit. They're legal tender. But they weren't being outlandish in wanting to establish if the bills were real or not, especially since they *were* crisp, new, and pretty damned hard to find in that condition.

In the several years I worked dealing with money in a retail establishment I saw a lot more $1 coins than I ever saw $2 bills. They're just not common.

So what he's lived there 18 years? I lived in Virginia Beach for over 20, but that doesn't mean that everyone in the city knows me.

Heh, I think part of the reason I'm annoyed is that the forum is all up the ass of Best Buy (which I'm no fan of) but the actual article is a poorly written Baltimore Sun puff piece from the "local color" writer. It's not really off topic, but it sure it isn't exactly *on* topic either.

from the rest of the story though...he paid for a $500 item the day before, with a credit card...it seems like they were just being bitches, really. Honestly, i wouldn't have gone back in and given them a dime, i'd be yelling at hte manager for trying to fuck me with installation costs. but i also would have gotten a reciept for the whole mess.

that part, sure. But the $2 bill part and that being really fucking suspicious.. nah, that has nothing to do with best buy specifically. I think the article in the first place was a "shame on you, Best Buy" that focused on the $2 bills instead of on the really really shitty service.

I wouldn't have paid anything myself. There was some really *off* communication going on there (probably from someone not uh... passing on... the fact that the company had fucked up the first installation).

See, I hate best buy becuase they're low rent and most of their products are the most popular/high priced things you can get, and *not* quality items. Beyond that, the people who work there are usually 16 year old idiots who are just there for the 15% off discount.
We buy dvds online, music at Tower, only going to best buy if they have one of their annoying "best buy only" things that we want.

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