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Ha Ha ha.....
...but not really that funny. Especially combined with my last post, eh?

BestBuy - We have issues...


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that part, sure. But the $2 bill part and that being really fucking suspicious.. nah, that has nothing to do with best buy specifically. I think the article in the first place was a "shame on you, Best Buy" that focused on the $2 bills instead of on the really really shitty service.

I wouldn't have paid anything myself. There was some really *off* communication going on there (probably from someone not uh... passing on... the fact that the company had fucked up the first installation).

See, I hate best buy becuase they're low rent and most of their products are the most popular/high priced things you can get, and *not* quality items. Beyond that, the people who work there are usually 16 year old idiots who are just there for the 15% off discount.
We buy dvds online, music at Tower, only going to best buy if they have one of their annoying "best buy only" things that we want.

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