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hardly decent at times...
but when I'm good, I can be great.
Boo had thought her keepsake was lost. I feared that was the truth, too.
But when things are going well - and she was having a good day - something about a nice get together with schmecky, and really decent prices on flat panels, and perhaps the visit to the Behr website made her spirits happy.

So I sent a few pics. The first was a nice one of the pups in the warm sunlight of the mid-day sun, all happy on the floor of the living room. I figured if nothing else she'd like that. Then a pic of a box, then one of the box open, then one with a platter. I had found a nice platter a while ago and sent her pics after trying to describe it over IM. It wasn't the right one and she was saddened.

I believe today she said "you rock", which is high praise indeed.

Glad to make you happy boo.