TTocs (ttocsland) wrote,

How does blue choose the side of the bed to take over?

I might have to change the title to "6:20 will be fine" - seems to be working ok for me these past few weeks.

So blue played 'stunt dog' the other night - leaping (rolling?) off the bed, only to crash onto the floor - not good for anyone in the room... she shrugged it off, but has committed to Boo's side of the bed since then. Who says blue can't learn new tricks??

Have you seem my cute dog lately? Here's a pic!

How about a pick of the squirrel-monkey stuffed toy that lasted 10 minutes with blue?

Ok, probably should have meaningful posts other than 'my puppy is CUTE', but sometimes I'm not for forcing any subjects.

Hope you're having happy cute puppy moments of your own.

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