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Thought I'd try to type some more - I love how I go through periods where I'm writing every day, then a month or two go by and I'm wondering why. Did I do absolutely nothing for 4 weeks? Probably, but that's not what I want to ponder.

Instead, as my boo pushed me from a moving car yesterday morning, I strolled around the corner of Cahuenga and Hollywood for a few minutes. Saw a sign from the LAPD that states I was in a video surveillance zone. Weeeee. then I strolled by the beautybar ( where they used old school hair dryer thingys as light fixtures above their storefront - nice touch.

I strolled about, ended up at the Hollywood Post Office - nice place, no one was about, and I mailed our Taxes By Patrick (r) to the IRS and Cali Franchise Board. I pondered the Franchise board thing - does that mean I own part of the franchise that is 'california'? Imagine that pitch meeting - at some saloon in St. Louis. 'No, really, it's a ground floor opportunity - just give me 500 gold pieces and an ox, and you can open a 'state' franchise. We have location specialists to help find up and coming neighborhoods in which to place your 'state'....' hee hee hee

I'm watching/listening to Bob Dylan sing 'forever young' for the movie 'the last waltz'
Watched a bit of Serpico earlier.
the 70s were... groovy.
And the musicians were amazing - are amazing. I can only hope that today's talents are as good, just constrained by the Corporate Music Machine.

Ok. which reminds me - go to and often - they had a shirt logo link with the copyleft people which said - your flawed business model is not my problem, or something like that. I liked the sentiment.

hey - I cut off most of my hair. Not quite as scary as July 86, but I'm definitely checking out which of my ballcaps I will wear for the next month. Oh - is coming along badly, but it's where I'm throwing up some images thanks to gallery, and a bbs which is mostly for my amusement at the moment. Weeeee... web power - doesn't it feel nice?

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