TTocs (ttocsland) wrote,

tuesday - time to vote!

I am going to vote 'tired, but happy'!!
Thursday - live music, Cat's Cradle in Carrboro - it's the Me First and the Gimme Gimme's! with Carrie and Nathan, and Brendan!!! yay!!
Friday - busy work day, followed by scurrying around to make the Hobbit House hospitable. Cause Blood was coming to visit!!
Saturday - hey, let's get up and go to DC at 7'sh in the morn!! woot!!

Saturday day - wow - that's a lotta people! woot! such nice people too - hey - Karl & Holly! cool! and an art museum! cool! Let's head out of here.
Oh - guess we will stay for a bit - how about a meal? with meat on a sword? great!
Sweet - we get to see the Mall at night - i love it here.
Time to go back to Durham - driving thru the night.
Time to nap a bit - hey - it's sunday. it's boo's bday!!! yay!!
She already got her birthday kiln, and her birthday me first and the gimme gimmes, her birthday Rally to Restore our Sanity (sadly, no John Stewart lap dance); now it's time for her birthday party (thanks Morgan and Beth!!) - cuppiecakes from Raymond and Christopher, fire from Brendan, awesome from Viv, her Bearista from me!, drinkie cups from both M&B and Blood, coffee making ability for our glamping trips from Blood, and art treats from Carrie & Nate - all in all , not a bad way to start the year that will not be named!!!

thank goodness we got yesterday as a quiet day - just had to go to work (blood's off to see Wendy by the Sea!)



~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

"Keep Calm and Carry On" or "Keep Calm ... and Cupcakes!"

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