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A birthday post ... post.
25Jul01 + 5:58pm PDT = Wednesday

Root balls and Bowfluff - ask Carol

Turning 33 - ask the both of us!

Looking for work - that'd be me!

Waiting. Waiting - for help. for hope. for clarity. for focus.

Wanting. Wanting forward progress. Wanting a clue.

I'm getting more excitement... we went hiking! Yeah!!
Saturn is revealing "the Vue" on Saturday - go Mom!
interesting movies... from wendy:

  • ms. congeliality... cute

  • patch adams - robin williams

  • Matrix - a bit scary tied into A.I.'s release

  • Bring it on! - Dani thought it was good.

Wendy says..."you're an evil boy... no man... no guy... no dude!". Scott Wallace, Evil Dude, at your service!

Distractions on a cellular phone - talking to wendy and alicia comes in... hugs and smacks on the bum!

dinner at Samuri Sushi - let's go!