September 21st, 2003

Only 1 in the morn ... close.

1:01am PDT _ 21Sep03 = early Sunday morning...

Do not miss your opportunity

I sit, with two pups wanting to play, a heavy handed rum and coke, Emenm singing about losing yourself ... I reflect on the totally great time I had over at Carrie and Nate's tonight. No particular reason for the gathering, but we show up with some ice and un-ripe avocados to see an astonishing 14-foot tall Birthday cake... MOONBOUNCE!!!! wow...

Pinguino and Slap were there, as was Nancy. I believe a few more were hoped for, but the barbe-kettle was fired up, delicious dogs, steaks and goodies were soon consumed, and bouncing began!

I'd try to say something intelligent about the polar-bear ottoman or the Lama Dounut, but I can't - other than Mu.

Guess I'll hit the hay now, but wanted to write a bit. If only for practice, right?

Otherwise - the wrist heals, T-Dog hooks me up with USC football game memories, Terminator 3 was pretty good, and work has hassles I can't even believe I have to deal with. Perhaps an escape plan posthaste would be useful.

So, there ya go.