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So, I wanted to email...
the honorable senator sam blackburn (retard - kansas) about his homophobia. boo, declan and I had a long winded discussion about why people find gay people scary. Figured since sam is rattling the saber of funding cuts for DC, a tortured land I have fond feelings for, if they choose to recognize gay marriages from Massechusets, he's got the 411 on exactly how gays are more detrimental to 'traditional marriages' than say, a foreign policy machine that's eating 750 young and enthusiastic patriots a year (I don't have a tally on how many of our soldiers killed in the 'war on terror' are married, how many spouses left behind, children, et).

But, I figure he's not gonna actually get back to me since I'm not a kansas native.

However, he does offer coffee on thursdays!!

Hmmm.... but what if they're gay, sam - do they still get coffee from you?