May 23rd, 2005

Lexington 3 A.M.

wow - Mambo. Who knew it could be sooooooo easy? wow.
tikiwiki - might figure out a need/use for it - but still - so damn cool.

Thanks Nathan - wow... slowly but surly I might even be pulling alongside the bandwagon! weeeeee....

tasty food with good friends, dreams of a useful yard

on a hot day, helping peeps with the joy of moving.

all in the day in the life of scott.

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Nothing says good morning like the sound of a 22 in an empty warehouse

That someone actually ANSWERED the phone at LA Noise Enforcement - 213.473.7840 - 10 minutes ago was amazing.
That they told me that a) construction noise is OK mon-fri starting at 7 am is annoying, b) that they only have 2 officers for the entire city to go and investigate is appalling, and c) that since it's the first day I should call back after it's been 3 days of starting  before 7 am makes me sad.

So I go and take pictures - since that's the new version of eye witnesses (or in this case ear witnesses) and see a gent wearing a RJH Construction t-shirt - thankfully it has the co.'s phone number on the back so I don't have to get into the utterly useless verbal 'discussion' of why they're such assholes... 909-860-3123 - I leave a message for them. Who want's to bet that they get back to me at all?

Oh, the noise is the sound of a tool that installs bolts using a 22 caliber 'power cells' - it fires bolts into concrete. When I was in DC, they used that to put in the rails for a moving file system, and the install peeps said it was a good idea to print up a notice for the floor above and the floor below, since it was, in their own words, 'noisy'.

To paraphrase Jay, who used to have a studio in the space they're renovating across the street, 'we're zoned commercial, so - tough shit'

yay - living in the city - all the joys, all the happiness; and no where to bury the bodies!

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