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Is it a sign of getting better? Or getting worse?
First, let me say what a lovely weekend this has turned out to be. It's sunny, a bit breezy, almost perfect 70's temp. Just wonderful. Why I get to spend it inside with the pups, I suspect I was a bad kid when I was younger...

the pups are amazing - truly amazing - blue had been soooo good with me this past week. She misses Boo mightily, just like me! But as I type this she has her oh so happy fetch art ball between her front paws - simulating the way I'm using a pillow to separate my right leg above my left leg! she's so cute!

Canela got her immediate attention this morning, I wanted to make sure she got out if she needed to be out - but I had kinda just gotten up, so without my Teva's I hooked her up, grabbed a bag and opened the door. Sable was right outside, and as I unconsciously locked the door and steeped through, upon it's closing I was checking my pockets for keys.

Too much to juggle, I guess. Yin, Derrick and Paul greeted me across the parking spaces - way too much chipperness... Yin was proud of just waking up herself, announced that Nancy (the yipping dog) was away for the day, I hope I was pleasant, but inside I was pondering how I'd get into the house when Canela was done.

Well, the first round of strolling got me bupkis from the Canela, and that kind frustrated me - if I was going to have to climb my fence with my leg in it's current state, well, damn it, I wanted some results!!! Back to the house, I pondered the few options. Hang out on the porch til declan showed. (yeah, the celly was inside too - stop it - I'm not at the peak of my game, obviously!!!!) Which was 10'sh last night. I was thinking of asking Derrick to the do the hop the fence thing... but it came down to my ego, quite frankly.

So, it turns out I can get over my fence using my muscles. Who knew. and I managed to do it with only the slightest hint of a scratch to my left elbow - my tender leg seemed almost happy to have be semi useful as a counter balance to my gymnastic routine.

And I make it inside, get the door unlocked and step out to retrieve the Canela - grabbing a set of keys this time, and she's not interested in coming inside. So we stroll again - and at least this time she performs! Yay!!!

So, a sign of betterness - yes. A sign of worseness? I'm gonna go with perhaps just getting older. Yeah - no judgement in that.

And so goes my morning. How's yours?


(((semi-conscious dream state - vivid series of pics flashing away - just random access to visual recall - always stunning)))

Damn it - I hate it when Microsquish does something good...
Having the opportunity to chill and watch too much tv this past week...
let me say they're latest bit of advertising on tv is for what you can do with WinXP... and it's marvelous. Truly marvelous.
I'd say keep up the good work, but when did XP come out?