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I can't believe,,,
what a horrid job MTV did covering the Live 8 concert.
Uh, cutting away from Pink Floyd so the semi-useless 'personalities' can say "it's Pink Floyd - together again - I never thought I'd see or hear this..." - uh. It's actually happening NOW, so shut the fuck up!!!

but I can deal with that - ok. no I can't.
But it pales in comparison to Damien, wrapping from the litter strewn ghost town that was the Philly show - with "I think it's time for a cheesesteak"

Nice. 8 hours of coverage of the (I shudder as I type this word) extreme, DEADLY poverty in Africa, you know - raising the awareness of how someone dies every three seconds from hunger or preventable disease - and you give a shout out to the sammy of the town you're in???

fucking incredible.

I'm so sad.
so ashamed.

crap - a bit more of my youthful innocence dies, and I blame fucking MTV!