July 29th, 2005


I don't think so. But I have been perusing a blog from a guy from where I grew up which is making me think - hey, this is all about me. It's not all about you - the reader. Interesting thoughts - that means I have to be happy with what I write. That's all.

Had a bit of wordage done regarding a lamp I have from a few lifetimes ago, and it's intersection with a peanuts strip from a few weeks ago. The lamp depicts Snoopy at a typewriter. Can't recall if I picked that up at a second-hand store, or just a clearance store, though it definitely was in Maryland, so I have that bit o' recall still. I remember having it as a reminder to write - something I have wanted to do for many many years.

the peanuts strip is a sunday one, with Snoopy, at the end, declaring "Good writing is hard work!" - truer words have never been spoken.

Good writing. "It was a dark and stormy night" - that's Snoopy's contribution. I've made a few myself.Something I tend to forget.

But back to this blog thing- it suffers from my perpetual cycle of enthusiastic care and tending, then a precipitous drop as I distract myself with self-doubt and too much TiVo... I have ideas. Lots of ideas. One idea was to make a list of the ideas I have, that way I'd always have something to write about. Hah... that, sadly, would take too much time to organize - sometimes I feel that I've spent a good deal of my life organizing my life so I'm organized - to what end? so I can find gas bills from three states ago - truly, what do I gain from that?

I've mentioned the impending return to two-wheeling - I'll but the guy after this jaunt of jotting - I fear I'm hinging a good deal of happiness and productivity to the return to mobility. Foolish? I fear. But at least it's a distinct and real difference that will be applied over the life I'm living now.

And so, I choose a mood, push play on the other machine's MMJB, and continue...

I guess I feel there's little benefit to discussing the exact past. Such as:
"people who grinned themselves to death" by The Housemartins, first heard ... who cares? Really? I personally have a love for the impact that music/songs have had in my life - probably 'cause I need to focus more on the changes that actually happened...
How about 'Ripple', covered by Jane's Addiction - circa 1991 - from a Thankful Dead tribute album - I was in store #273, lost, and cranking the tunes quite loudly.

The point of this remembrance? To prove I existed elsewhere? damn...

I was typing about the Housemartins - and it came flooding back just how lame my existence was at that time. Certainly I impressed folks, and to their credit I wasn't shunted to a corner as a leper, but wow - I was gonna explain that the guy who had the album playing (which sent me off in a spiral of how he could have at work, cause we couldn't at work... getting lost in the finer details of images/memories that may or may not be accurate) - he was a club kid, he had the great parities off base, etc. - and I'd attended, but not really partake - though I guess at that time my attendance was how I partook. Ugh... see - I get to this point and really REALLY wonder why the hell I'm writing this shit. I guess partly to remind myself to partake, and partly to jot down what fading details I do recall. Sucks getting old! Though I feel much less stressed about being wrong or making shit up!

So, where was I? Good writing. Good performance. Good grief.

Well. From  the top - it's all about me, right?
I have to be happy with it. It's not the great American novel. It's my ... journaling. Which is different from my ... writing? no. Hell.

Let's spell check and then push, cause once you do that it's all good.

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