August 3rd, 2005

Forgotten Helmets...

cool band name, perchance? Or what I did yesterday when I went to pay/pick up the radian. Marcello said I wasn't the first to do that...

So I return this morning... he's filling the rear tire (new) saying 'it was flat' - uh, a little concern, yes.

Then as he wheels it to the door, he says 'oh, you will need steering head bearings too' - not really winning over a friend/customer here, Marcello.

He share's his troubles with me, that the building he's in is condemned, and he's got to move - and his rent will go up, blah blah blah...

I hop on the Radian and hustle to D's to attempt router exorcism - odd how the bike wants to idle at 4,500 RPM - kinda loud.  I ring Marcello when I get to d's - hey S&S - and Marcello says it's the idle knob, under the tank - they set it high for sync'ing the carbs...

Now - the flat tire, the lack of a fixed front brake lever, the 'high' idle - what the fuck. I want to be happy - really. Got my toy back, I'm in the mood to enjoy. Should I freak out that the bike didn't get a test ride by the mechanic who 'fixed' it? Should I be pissed that my original budget was blown by $200? My bad in that I mentioned it up front, after the carb rebuild; got a tune up, which made sense, apparently the chain was a goner, and though I had hoped for fresh tires, I only got one. What the fuck.

Well, there's no doubt I'm happy - guess a chance to be in control will do that to a young man. Have to give a stout shoutout to the fieldsheer Mach 3 meshy I was chilling in - anything beyond stopped and I was comfy - wow!

Happy Scott
You can't see the smile, but it's there!

Radian Returns!
my red radian returns!

a bite of lunch, and perhaps - just perhaps - a run up Rt. 2. Maybe.

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Back in the saddle again...

I thought I'd just write about the smile and happiness I'm having right now... haven't gone far - less than 20 miles, and I'm renewed... what is it about the two-wheeled life? I pondered many many hours as I rode up and down the mid-Atlantic states - good times, good people - some tales to tell.

I want to head up to the hills - but that would be ignoring a few minor details. but I want to go... it's calling me. Baby steps, I remind myself. Too long for me to be sitting on the side of the road, watching.

I want to go bike camping. I wanted to go up to the bay area via the central valley along some great beautiful roads I road once in a life long ago. I want to be on the PCH when the sun sets... heading north for the fun of it.

And I will do these things. First things first, right?

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'you remember the hits, not the misses' {skeptic}

well, with the energy of the day, some housecleaning and viola! a pic/advert from a decade ago - found in a box of stuff from Dano, though searched for / longed after for these 6+ yrs on the Left Coast.

found it - now what do I do? pursue the M2G2M? Well, perhaps tomorrow I'll pester the riders at Newcomb's for info to write the 'real' articles I think might sell.

cool. wow.


wow - time does move on

songs sung blue - reaches behind the heart and pokes in the spot where you go 'ow' - makes you stop the headlong plunge ahead - no matter where that may take ya - stops ya and you look up, you look around and go 'whoa'...

who'd a thunk, the ball keeps spinning, days go by, and here we are.

sorry - abstract, but like my feelings... constantly changing...

peace - I hope for

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