August 19th, 2005

That delicious smoky flavor!!!

Had a wonderful dinner at Dinosaur's BBQ (Booze and Blues) in syracuse last night with matt and friends - just threw on the t-shirt I had worn - yum... smokey flavor!!

It was commented, as we waited in their 'bone yard', that 'this is just like camping!' - I wasn't convinced, as I looked up at the budweiser umbrella over our picnic table, then to the outdoor bar. 'I think not I said - to which I was corrected that is smells just like camping. Yes, that's true - I looked over my shoulder at an empty spot in the parking area - I thought if you can pitch a tent there, it would almost be the perfect place to camp! Matt shared with us the PortaPotty song on the way home - talented musicians and good lyrics - but really? Well, it's about love.

Helped mom out - but not nearly enough yesterday morn... strolled back to Yorkville and had Justin meet me at Voss' - yum.... then we sat around and chatted about the paintball club (tentatively going with MVCC Splatter Hawks as the club/team name) - the excitement and enthusiasm at the beginning of something like this - organization making I called it - is truly amazing; anything can be done, it's all gonna work out, focus on the overwhelming success it's gonna be. But didn't I just spend a little bit with Ma chatting about an unresponsive leadership causing much challenge within an seasoned group? Hmmmm.... cake AND eat it too!!

Quick and pleasant run out to SYR in a newish Chevy SUV - Trailblazer I think. All my crap about how the US automakers are "close, but not quite" will have to be reworded - the truck ROCKED!!! Kinda discouraging, though, that they can make great products, just select ones. Odd.

Looked at some older pics of the pups - wow. Time flies when you're chasing squeak toys! Check out the same suspects recently!

Think I'm gonna get to enjoy some weather today!! Weeee....

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