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random connections...
a movie called Joshua Now and Then was on the TiVo; I pop over to IMDB to figure out more about it. There's not much there, but from the front page of IMDB was a link about the airspeed velocities of a laden swallow.

Something fun, from a classic movie question; I clicked through.
Style.org points to 13pt.com. I dig 13pt fonts... so I visit. Cool site - with a connection to September 11th. Hmmm...

The above was from... er - two days ago? three? Labor day weekend messed up my carefully planned schedule of schoolwork! but that's ok - I'll share with you some margin notes from my first two days of school:
Last Wed - Journo 8 -

  • jotted down some points to make if I craft a story on volunteering at an Indy Music Fest.

  • took me about 50 minutes to ride to school - didn't really push the envelope of 'filtering' - just cruised over at 5, got there at 6, for my 6:45 class - cool thing was I enjoyed the ride and ended up finding out that parking a motorcycle at campus is free - no parking sticker required!!! WooT!!

  • How about a cellphone that has a biz card reader built in?

  • Wow - September 11th is right around the corner - snuck up on me. 4yrs later, life goes on. (how I recalled that was by pondering the upcoming Frankfurt Car Show, and the writers who got stuck overseas...)

  • Write 600 @ 6 everyday!

From Thur's InDesign class-

  • er - lots of notes on the keyboard shortcuts for InDesign. Sorry.

Currently watching Air America - wow - ripples from the storm continue - and why people in the public eye open their mouths, I have no idea!

Ok. Off to finish my InDesign work, and perhaps figure out how to analyze a magazine story.