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for the festivities to begin. Ma's got the lasagna 'on deck'; Shari and Dave are both out doing 'errands' - there's a threat we'll return to the Sangertown to have one last shot at Christmas nirvana! (quite saddened by the remnants of the mall - no cinemas, no arcade - can we even call it a mall?)

Had a nice gathering at The Galleria last night- it was a family Rahn thing (as we left the joint, I mentioned we were in a Rahn-voy!) - fish fry Fridays - it's an upstate tradition!

The weather's up to nearly 40!! Frankly, anyone can survive 37 degrees - it's just wet. 5 degrees - that takes a survivor!!
We watched Love Actually, it actually worked for the time of year... where you tell the truth, just because it's Christmas!

Well, here's a few pics for perusal:
Cool corner house in whitesboro
On my walk to mom's - cool corner house.

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