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Sunset colors
high clouds, golden hues...
Not sure how to describe the differences in the East Coast/West Coast disconnect I'm going thru... very very nice to be 'home' - Boo kinda likes it a lot, and the pups seem happy, though poor Canela is wandering the house tagging along with me - I suspect she spent three weeks napping from 9 or so til 6; sorry girl. she doesn't seem to upset about the whole thing (could be the multiple walks during the day, eh?).

I'm wearing shorts. It wasn't quite the mid-70s it was yesterday (where I started the day in slacks and ended up quite warm, thank you very much) - still quite nice in the 'shorts and sweatshirt' way you can live here. I suspect the high clouds is the warning before a storm, but I think I can deal with a bit of rain, as long as it doesn't freeze and stick to the car, right?

Fixed the pictures that I had up for LJ - still a smoking crater over at ttocsland - working on it in my mind; now I just have to carry all that hard work over to the virtual world - wow, that seems.... confusing.

Home. Odd - never put much weight into the notion, even when I was paying for a piece of the earth. Spent a bit of time in the closet of memories when I was back east, at a place I certainly feel 'at home' when I visit. But my den - with my music machine running from Dink to Red Tape, with my clutter, and my keyboard, and my neighborhood where I know what I like about it, and what I hate about it... wow - guess it is home to me now. Cool, really, just ... different.

And so as Judgment Night rocks the den, and the Canela donuts in her bed, I'm making a jpg of my home, so that my friend MM has an idea where on Google Earth I am!


damn - forgot I need to write about my flight home... it'll make ya laugh!