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divine intervention
'one day my life is filled with joy//
and then we finally disagree'

I like the fact that I wrote quite a bit the other day. I like that I made points and had semi-full concepts nailed.

Why are the hypocritical-Christians destroying my country?
Why are the ...

no - why are are bad questions...
How can I... that's a better question.
Will you help... is another good question.

so do I leave? it's gotten a tad difficult - I don't see how we're gonna pull this one off - but I'm not willing to give up. My country damn it - I fought for it... just didn't realize I'd have to fight every day of every year... to make it better. I thought progress came with the passage of time. How sad I am to realize that's a misconception.

I've spent some time over at Morgan Spurlock's blog - Morgan's Blog - I like how he writes. I like that his life turned around for him, and that he's used his efforts to make a difference. Hopefully I can also focus a bit this year and make a difference.

Went for a stroll with Boo to pick up some dinner tonight - very breezy, kinda chilly - was great to be out in 'weather'.

Hmmm... nothing solid here tonight. Huh... guess I'll keep trying.