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I had the joy of these numbers:
56 degrees at 12:36pm, followed by 46 degrees at 6:44pm - both as announced by the Thousand Oaks Auto Mall time and temp display. That's on the 101. About 20 miles out from Hollywierd.

did I mention I was riding my motocycle? Yes - chilly! Oh - yeah, I had on my 'summer' jacket - the one made of mesh. Brisk.

On the upside, I rolled up the PCH to get to the 101 via Kanan-Dune road - nice and twisty both along the shore and up into the mountains.

Also noted 101.5 miles for 2.149 gallons, which maths out to ... pretty good mileage!!

All this just so I could be at/cover a track and field meet at Moorpark College - very nice campus, by the way. Also made me realize that SoCal is so much more than the roads and highways I've been traveling for the last 7+ years. I really need to do more traveling.

Friday brought my first rain ride of the year, though what I did suffer as rain wasn't bad, and then the run home on wet roads wasn't too bad either - just had to keep reminding myself that I couldn't stop like I usually can!

Yay - winter in the SouthLand!


dona nobis pacem