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t-minus... um... hours?
so our head colds/allergies have made the last few days just... fabulous.
Jon and Sally have been having a blast hanging out - Santa Monica is good to them, good FOR them!

sqeaked through my CIS 4 final... I love that I can learn a lot... and still have issues applying it.

Last issue of the Corsair for the Semester went well - big issue, 14 pages - think everyone liked it.

Boo's peeps will be hanging - at least for the start of their visit - at the Roosevelt - figured we needed a break from the chaos, so we could rest and get healthy before heading off to Vegas...

and now we're off to get a mini-van, then I'm to work and she's off to do the airport thing... wish us luck!!


dona nobis pacem

Sounds like it's all good...
Boo claims that the baby's tired, that it's hot outside, and when last I heard from Marji, she and the boys were lost somewhere near Venice Beach - yes, the Family it in town, and they're doing fine!

I, sadly, can't join in the fun and games cause I'm at the work thing... where a very nice email had been sent out on Thursday from my boss John saying "welcome on board" - so that was an unexpected perk!!

So I sit and wait until I can go and be with the girl and the family and the puppies... oh - noticed we had run out of Crown Royale last night - note to self!!!



dona nobis pacem