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"Age of Aquarius....
let the sunshine in"

So, the past 24 hours have included those trippy dream states where:
Jay Leno was inviting me into his apartment past his warehouse full of motorcycles
I was pondering a tounge piercing - specifically saying how I need to have it tilted like Boo's, and the person assuring me that it wouldn't hurt at all.

What the hell...

On a much less trippy note - wow - 1 week.

I'm pretty sure I've lost about 3.5 days of the last 7, but ... wow - a week ago we were all harried from the limo race to Viva Las Vegas, then a clustering near the Porsche, trying to get to the Mix...

Champagne, cake and a great view - what better way to start a marriage, eh? oh yeah - the love of an awesome woman. and a ring on the right hand!

Think I'll go look at some pics and try to do something with them... but there's no rush, really. Visit Carrie's write-up to see a few very good pics and a nice description of what went on...


dona nobis pacem