July 6th, 2006

If I'm bleeding at work, it must be theater with declan!

Dec swung by after his day gig today - said "hey - got any plans tonight?" - "nope" - want to help me with striking some lights? "Sure"...

So we spent a couple of hours at the Los Angeles Theater in downtown, on Broadway. They had a screening of Rebel Without a Cause, and then Dec's peeps were helping pull the cables and lights that they used for the special presenters.

Great old theater - Doug, lead guy, seemed to know quite a bit about the theater. Bobby was his extra hand, while I - as always - tried to help out the Declan.

Things went well - the second or third thing I did was help move some plywood covering the cables that ran along the edge of the stage - promptly pulled up on a piece of wood with a scree sticking through - yay! Blood!

Have to say it was good to do some honest manual labor, work up a sweat, feel like puking, and then enjoy the brisk air on the ride home.

Now I sit here - semi-tired, thinking of how to get my adobe software from the other lappytoppy to this one, tivo'ing 'passenger 57' - and admiring Blue's ability to wrap herself up into a doughnut and go to sleep right next to me...

I had planned on hopping on the motobike and running around a bit tomorrow - we'll have to see how the morning happens.



dona nobis pacem

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