October 15th, 2006

Just some words...

  • This matters - A Soldier's Peace - Mandy's brother in law; we need to have another Museum Sunday, but until then, I'm awfully proud of him. Wish the world would take 30 days and fix some problems.

  • Had a gig downtown on friday and sat - on my way out of LA it started to rain - as noted by the heaviest raindrop to hit me in years, and it hit me smack on the cheek through my open visor of my helmet - damn! Was good to have the threat of rain, and though I got drizzled on a bit before I made it back to the house, all is well. I fear the first big storm of the season, with good reason. 9 months of sun makes those roads really slippery after the first deluge!

  • insert comment about 2 feet of snow in Buffy-low being even more challenging for us moto-bikers!

  • Jon and Sally blew through on their way to Oregon - they made it all in one piece, with only one additional speeding ticket. Fernando was the most wonderful visiting pup - got over his shyness pretty easily. Sadly I was truly out of it - they showed up Wed, and I had a late night at the paper the tuesday before - I hope they think well of me, I was trying awfully hard (they seemed to enjoy Zeke's - which is good) - while they were visiting Dec rang with a picture or two of his 'dog park' - big forested lot where Quincy is sure to be happy!

  • Mom talked with an old classmate last week or so, ended up with pics of a milk jug from my grandpa's old farm/dairy route - cool.

  • Blood made it into and out of NoLo - sent some snaps with her new cammy - yay sis!!!

  • Boo and I are out to NorCaro in a short bit - absolutely jammed in my sched since, oh, last month until wednesday - wish us the best in lucky packing - what's the current TSA threat level against liquids? Did we win?

  • Um, saw massive attack the other week with Nate-dog and Carrie - most enjoyable; chilled with the T-dog the other Sat as USC won (again) - he's doing well.

  • Corsair is being a challenge to keep people focused on making great stories - a lot of just 'doing it' without a lot of heart; frustrates me, but I understand we all should be learning something... like how much I detest cutting and pasting from InDesign to Dreamweaver.

  • Pups doing well. Boo - Web Producer extraordinaire - is doing well; enjoyed Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood on Friday w/o me (I was busy working) - she's looking forward to Durham - hasn't been there yet, unlike me!

  • Ok, I'm off to nap before work in the morning, but wanted to drop a few words of declaration on how life's been. Hope life's wonderful to those who browse...


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