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safe and sound...
using narcotics to nap while you fly from coast to coast is a good idea...
squishy neck pillows should be buckwheat and cotton, not polystyrene balls and nylon...
MnMnZ ROCK!!!!
rocket ROCKS!!!!
Stewart and Crash ... ROCK!!!!
I dig driving a stick shift... it's as if it's elemental to life...
What is this 'humidity' you speak of?
guava pineapple juice isn't too bad...
I think Dec nailed is just yesterday when he said 'it's wonderful, leaving LA is wonderful' - ironically, I hope Quince is in as good a set of hands as Blue and Canela!!
All this wonderment and joy... and the music's hardly even started!

hopefully more soon... though I suspect a whirlwind of playing jungle gym with Zach, Mylo's mouth and Rocket's puppy sharp teeth will leave me all befuddled and going for the 'weeks in review' recap in a bit.

oh well - really, it's all quite pleasant right now.


dona nobis pacem