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Jim asks ...
"What are you doing about it?"
Valid question.

Nothing. and that answer makes me feel... hollow. old. sad. The easy reply is what can I do?


Jim Ladd rocks on KLOS in LA - 95.5 - the rocking Oldies channel - you know, they play Van Halen circa 1984, and you can intimate that there's a new VH albumn for sale - probably won't hear the new single, but they keep the echos of the great old days playing loud.

Jim gets a slot - 8p - 1a, to play 'freeform rock and roll' - he takes requests. He's ranting on how King George will be enjoying his cooked goose this holiday season, people's sons and daughters are stuck in Iraq - how would you feel if it was your son? your brother? your father? he asks (yes - he misses one of the sexes)

Great crisis and great need, a great leader will appear. "America is waking up" - seques into CCR Fortunate Son.

Yeah, he's cranky. He speaks his mind. I like that. Kinda like Henry... he was on Roger Water's Radio Kaos - an album that puts tingles up my spine - White wolf? So much information while hiding in a hole? damn... but I"m sure those are of things not related - but still, sometimes it's spooky...

What am I doing about it... good question.


dona nobis pacem