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Where in the World is ...
Diego Garcia??

Having no relation whatsoever to what in the world is scott doing...

Things are going well - not great, but well - in the pack the Lexhaus to flee LA program; pretty much inertia of hopelessness bashed into 9 years of living. Oh the stuff we have, oh the stuff we have - why oh why do we have the stuff we have?

On the upside, come the 23rd of this month I will march right back to Lexhaus, where it will be mano a casa, in a 100 round match to the DEATH!!!!! or at least to the emptiness...

I'll be back, cause the ABF trailer should arrive the Tuesday before that Fridays - and thus, I will nap, awake - and move!!!! all our house stuffs into the trailer - Boo's discussing the options we have for packaging with anti shaking in mind - she's going with spray foam, I'm a bubble wrap kinda guy myself!

So, we ABF the weekend of the 23rd; Boo bids adieu to Lexhaus without me, probably without the pups either (she's thinking of shipping them sometime during the final week of March - however, I have a direct flight with Delta going back on the overnight of 25 to 26th; we'll have to see how that turns out.) - she's plotting a run across the country - in her sights, the

Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash

winning time of 32 hours 51 minutes; she hopes to make it out of LA in less time than that!!!

It's weird - the sunshine here - 80+ degrees yesterday, comfortably in the 70s today; making plans to pack; friends who I've not seen yet - will they be around on the 24th? I should call and bug them... D's audi, got to the Mile High city all fine - might have to have some work done on his bicycle, though...

It's all surreal to me - I'm rolling fast and furious, and there's a gig waiting for me (and Mel's got a gig too - much yay with that!!) - there's a house waiting for us to fill it with our stuff, our pups, our happiness - it's all way too cool, and way way happy making... but still, I chat with Eddie and Paul and feel sad, cause they're not gonna be where canela runs to get ham - that's gonna change, and that's sad. How to balance the feelings of hope and sadness - I know it's all gonna be fine in the end, and come June, when I hope to have some Kings and Goats sing a few tunes in our side yard as we celebrate our fabulous life, I'll have to remember to come back to this and go - yeah, it's all worth it. If only we have our boxes unpacked!

And thus we come to the end of this entry - did I cover the cool full moon? the fun times with Nate-dog and Carrie? the nice feelings snuggling the ones you love, and who love you back, give on a weekend morning? Or how it feels good to get rid of the shit that's blocking the psychic arteries, seeing the light of a new possibility right THERE!!!! Scooter getting convicted? A Daily Show clip where 8 billion dollars goes missing in Iraq - where in the world indeed!

No. Not this time around.


dona nobis pacem

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dona nobis pacem