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End of the Leisure Class...
seems I've graduated!!!

E000082178 reports for duty next Monday at 8:30 sharp!

Mel and I will celebrate the ending of both of our leisures with a road trip - cause that's what jet lagged people should do! In actuality, yet another friend supports my life - this time,or at least this weekend, MickeyMatt shares with me his toy, and I'll have a heck of a good time with it - if I don't freeze on the way over the Appalachians!

It's odd how abruptly things change - and how you can almost miss them - say, buying a house. or getting a job on the other coast - I did the orientation thing today, and it was a lot like my entrance to military servitude - lots of singing my name, dating my signature, lots of specifics on things I'll probably never need to use - but all important info in case I do need it! Heck, I even learned about ISO 14001!

and like that, I was parking in Visitor parking, meeting Jeff who was out getting lunch, then waiting for a picture - came out semi-decent - and viola - I'm a badged employee of Big Blue - wowsers!

ok... to sleep... and dream... then travel some more!!


dona nobis pacem