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On the back porch...
The new Dickens cd plays - damn they're mucho talented - plus - Banjo's are NEAT!!!

The pups are back here with me - gathering the pack, I guess... blue is a little freaked out by something outside... canela would rather we all be eating HAM!!! ... but you can't have everything.

Pulled the kennel out of the bedroom - cause I picked up a couple of doggie beds for the bedroom - weeee! Hopefully Blue will adapt - she did try them out earlier when I had them on the back porch.

I think it's cool to be chillin in our house - certainly is nice to have the pups here to help make it feel like a home. Boo will be here in no time - i hope she takes the time and puts forth the mojo to enjoy her road trippy - cause, really, we all need to take a trip every once in a while.

Work has been going well - if I can get thru this past Monday - post jetting to LA - big surprise - bigger party - oh, take the pups back home with ya - and still get to work by 10am - it's gonna be ok. Doing some good work in the comms realm - I've always wanted to have a business card that read "Scott Wallace - Biz Comm. Rebel" - hee hee hee...

Ok, doggies are barking up a storm - as opposed to an honest to god lightning and thunder storm last night - and blue is none too happy about it all!

Why is it 12:10 already??? arghhhh...

A bit of an update - just go with it and I'll have lots to say once our stuff shows this weekend. weeeee...



dona nobis pacem

late in the evening... the house all quiet...
blue on her big new bed snores to my right; canela on her fuzzy blue new bed quietly snores to my left... i'm on an air mattress, awaiting tomorrow, when the house becomes more home-y.

my flickr page is getting hits - yay!!! it really seems to be a good way to push pics to the interwebs...

have I mentioned how cool it is working at IBM with a whole big bunch of smart people? I'll have to ponder the differences between, say Disney Consumer Products peeps and the IBMers - but there is a difference. I'll ponder that a bit.

Melissa and Kim G are too cool - really good people who are gonna have a Dickens of a time come May... got to help them get the site together and rockin!

So, in clear text, beloved Blood - Boo should be on the road 2Apr for a 2 week road trip thru Zion Nat. Park, then to Denver (howdy Declan & Quincy!). Onwards to Wichita area of Kansas (hey Chris and Dave - something about prairie chickens booming...), jaunting south to Mississippi for a hang with the Family, then up to Knoxburg to see if mickeymatt and buddy are still hanging in solid, then a short 6 hour run to Durham town, to have a hot dog or two at a bulls game!

the truck o' stuff shows tomorrow (friday am), I go to radio schoolin' on Saturday with Melissa, and Sunday, Kim G and the Zach-Attack are gonna help me make sure the TROSA moving guys are kept donutted and coffeed. I'll presume Monday ABF want's it trailer back - who knows...

so I'll get about 2 weeks to unpack and arrange the house into a home like beginning for Boo - weeeeeeee....

Oh - Big Lots - all the cheapness of Wal-mart, with none of the crowds, plus (or minus) it's on the way home. Now, if I just restrict to what can be accomplished on the motobike, we'll be fine.

Got rained on today rollin' to work - my gear did it's job, so I was dry enough. Didn't chance it for the run home to lunch, so I lunched at the end of the day; how should I have known that the sun would come out and the trip home would be pleasant??

chatted with Blood, mom and Boo tonight - seems Nana is gonna take the sleeper sofa - yay! Poor boo has lots of stuff to deal with still - and I feel bad about that. what can I do, though. good thing she has friends!!!

gotta get some z's...


dona nobis pacem