April 5th, 2007

Boo's tough choice is...

to nap in the hot tub or not...
She's making a sammy at DMan's - sure the fixin's are delicious!

Got in 9'sh LA time, then up into the mountains with no celly, and - egads! - no high-speed!

Heading out in the morning for a gentle 8 hour drive to Chris and Dave's - yay!!!

BTW, it's 53 degrees here in Durham - didn't I move to the south?
Bulls opening night tonight - got a ticket - I'll have fun until I freeze!

Go here -
"they don't know how to dream..."

Pick ANY one - that one came from "Less is more" by Carl Honore. Perhaps the reason I'm where I am is to spend time soaking in TED.


dona nobis pacem

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