April 9th, 2007

South, into Wichita...

on the turnpike... hitting traffic... dreams of bread-making - not bread-winning - Boo sounds good, and is heading to Little Rock to see what the time will be - she says it's 3 hours away from Jackson, so she'll see if she's up to the final leg!

Looking at her Google Map - seems she'll be veering right towards Tulsa, on the way to Arkansas...

seems she'll miss Oklahoma (OK!) City, and Dallas - why on earth would she choose to bypass Texas? Hmm....

So, she's got 7 hours in front of her to get to Little Rock. Hope she doesn't hit too much traffic.


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Probably need to give an update, don't I?

Well, Saturday turned out ok.
Brian S., Tech # 7471, he of Edmonton, thru New Orleans, a stop in Chicago, then - on Easter Saturday, into North Durham, where he provided a level of customer service which soothed my angered soul. To you, sir, I say "Thank you" - To MasTec, I say find a way to clone Brian, and find a way to fire Tech # 6985.

With Papa John's delivered, DirecTV installed and operating, the dogs somewhat happy with the new digs, I started the joyous task of finding my cool stuff in the boxes throughout the house - such as my laser printer/fax machine - yay! And my Sony stereo - yay! And my cassette tab carrying cases - yay!

Haven't has as much luck finding the clips to hold the shelves up in the bookcases - was thinking I might just stack the shelves on top of the books, Jenga style - but think that's not gonna work too well.

Ended up catching "Meet the Robinsons" Saturday night with the girls - "I have a big head, and short arms, and I don't think this plan is well thought out ... master?" - slays me! After the movie, we stopped at Grasshopper, a fine Asian cuisine bistro, and then over to Bull City Headquarters for the briefest of visits - I had swung by a few weeks back before I headed back to LA for my 'week of packing fun' - and the few peeps who were there (Katherine, rob and ileni(SP?)) were scrapping wallpaper off the walls - on Saturday, the place had 50 or so people, the loudest band I've heard in a while, and tons of energy! oh - and a very cool mural on the wall!

Sunday was a quiet morning, with a chat with Blood, followed by TechNotesRadio - Episode 1 - the New Hope... the show flew by - can't believe how much fun being that (somewhat) out of control can be! Big shout out to Kim G. - we wouldn't be as good without you!

Um, haven't figured the streaming for PCs yet... working on it!

Sunday was Easter here in the south, apparently that meant that stores needed to be closed. Odd, but I guess I'll adapt.

So - that's an update. Boo keeps rolling, I keep unpacking... the cold keeps colding... life is good!


dona nobis pacem

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