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This is cool...
Huh - will scribefire allow me to blog and blog and blog when ever the feeling hits me? as long as I'm in front of my browser?
that would be cool. even cooler than Semagic's cool tool.


Let's see. Oh - and if this work, I'm messing with Netscape's browser, so that I have the ability to see what's being displayed by IE users - cause I'm realizing that if it looks good and works in Firefox... well, good. Gots to check the other browser too!


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And now... for my first magic trick!
One of my issues with life in the blogging lane is... how to share. If  I make a stunning blog entry on the nuances of Netscape add-ons, how do I share with both my Tech Notes peeps, AND with my LJ peeps?

How oh how will this work?

I'm thinking I'll create (and spellcheck) this in ScribeFire, then copy, then post once to TTocsland, and then once to TechNotes.

Wish me luck.